Virginia Turner Kaylee


Kaylee is a beautiful doll from Virginia Turner’s Collection. She is about 26 inches tall with a vinyl head and ¾ length vinyl limbs. Kaylee is number 218 from a limited edition of 250 pieces. She has brunette hair styled in dog ears with beautiful blue stationary eyes and delicate lashes. She is wearing her original baby blue velveteen dress trimmed in lovely lace, maribu feathers, sequence and tiny faux pearls. Under her dress is a tulle half slip, white tights, and white Mary Janes. Kaylee has been displayed and is not perfect. Her top lip looks like it may need to be touched up a little. Like most maribu, it does not stay snow white and has a tendency to shed and Kaylee’s dress is no exception. We do not have her COA, wrist tag, or original box, however we did have a spare Virginia Turner box that does not have a name on it and we will ship her in that box inside a shipper box. Props are not included, only the dressed doll.

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