Masterpiee Cinderella Blonde


Special Grimms’ Fairy Tale theme: This is an Enchanting, Unique, beautiful doll for those who love the largest size doll available with a height of 48″.

Cinderella has a full body vinyl sculpt, with ball joints in the elbows and knees and wrists, (she can sit and stand).  She has long blonde hair and Blue eyes. (Gorgeous wig.) (Also available as a blonde with green/grey eyes) She wears a romantic full length, sky blue, full dress that is accented with a lace overlay on her bodice, bare shoulders and puffed lace covered sleeves. The skirt features layers of lace, blue fabric and pretty white fabric ruffles.  The dress is accented with a blue flower with a rhinestone center at her waist. Clear faux “glass slipper” look for her shoes and they are accented with a clear vinyl bow with a rhinestone center. Faux pearl bracelets adorn her wrists, and there is a “Beautiful rhinestone crown” in her hair with approximately 132 glistening rhinestones.

Hand painted fingernails and toenails with moons  add realism, and she has Upper and lower applied eye lashes.

A Wooden Doll stand is included. Limited Edition 350 pieces.

For those who like to redress their dolls, the approximate outfit size: 4T-6T (US) 104/110/116 (Europe)   All Masterpiecedolls are “phthalatfrei” and meet the EU “Reach” program requirements.

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